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Add Performance and Reliability To Your 63-82 Corvette
The SRIII frame features a round-tube design, engineered for superior strength and rigidity. The three-dimensional
network of round tubing creates a space frame that resists the twisting forces applied during hard cornering and
acceleration. When coupled with the 1984-up Corvette forged aluminum suspension, unsprung weight is reduced
producing a softer, more controlled ride. Also, the SRIII package is hundreds of pounds lighter than the original
chassis and suspension used on the 1963-82 Corvettes, adding to the upgrade benefits.

  • Designed to accept C5 front and C4 rear suspensions
  • Uses C5/C6 17-18 x 8.5" front/rear or 18-20 x 9.5"-12" rears with modified wheel tubs 
  • No exterior body modifications
  • Stock body mounts, bumper mounts and fuel tank
  • More engine room for stock accessories
  • Removable transmission mount with 3" exhaust capacity
  • Viking double adjustable coil-over shocks provide adjustable ride and handling
  • Now available with C5,C6 or C7 suspension, heavy duty IRS third member and custom CV axles

Stage One - C4/C5 basic frame.............$8,500.00         C5/C6 basic frame.............9,500.00       C7.........10,000.00

Stage Two - with suspension, brakes, coil-overs,etc.....15,500.00      C5/C6...........21,000.00       C7........23,500.00

                    Call for a brochure    815-462-4138 or email

78-82 mini tub. rolling chassis
Midyear supertub, ZR1 Spyders, 345's and Baer 14" brakes
Carbon fiber halfshafts and a Dana 44
Baer 88-96 14" rear brake set-up with C6 parking brake
New 63-82 with C6 suspension at all four corners. A Viper Super 44, 9", or Quickchange IRS diff is installed with custom HD CV axles. 12" rims and 345's can be utilized with mods to wheel houses.
Midyear to get GTS quarters and tubbed to fit the 345's
Rhyne Competition Engines 650hp LS7/T56 Magnum
Rich's '63 sporting impeccable attention to detail
Super Tubb
63-67 super tubb with 345 rear hoops
Nicks' super tubb
'68 with aluminum BB and TKO600
Corvette Tech C3
'81 Corvette/ZO6/T56
'75 Convertible, C6 susp, ZR1 brakes
'75 Convertible, C6 susp, ZR1 brakes, LS7, 345's tucked under stock quarters
81 Vette LS6 C4 C5 flares and 315's
81 Vette LS6 C4 C5 flares and 315's
Optional Fab 9" rear and 4-link
63-67 Stage Two
Convert Your Mid-year frame To Accept C-4 Suspension
New front C4 conversion without the ugly crossmember !!!
Front Suspension Conversion
 We now offer a C-4 conversion that includes a custom front frame section that will accept the 1984-96 crossmember. You have the option to use the factory plastic spring or switch to coil-over shocks.
Rear Suspension Conversion
Your frame is set up on a precision fixture, the rear frame rails are modified
with new brackets, plates and mounting tabs to locate the 1984-96 rear
suspension. We can also: repair, straighten, sandblast, prime and paint your frame.
Rebuild, powdercoat, and install suspension components.
Fabricate a removable transmission crossmember and add frame stiffeners.
Modify and narrow track widths and shorten and balance halfshafts.
Perform fiberglass repairs and fabrication or perform a complete build up.
Prices start at $6,000.00 for bare frame modification, no suspension.